Monthly Archives: July 2014

Kangaroo Country

The trip, up to that point, had been chock-full of wildlife. We observed king-sized crocodiles at close range, photographing the beasts as they sunned themselves on muddy riverbanks and swam ominously through murky waters. We’d seen fruit bats hanging from trees and enough birds of prey to fill an aviary. We even saw a cassowary, […]

Rare Bird

The task of observing a particular animal in its native habitat often boils down to a game of chance. When the subject in question is the Southern Cassowary, a flightless and endangered cousin of the emu with a population of roughly 1,000, chances are slim. On a recent tour of the Daintree Rainforest on Australia’s […]

Fishing for Crocodiles

When the public-address announcer spotted the first crocodile peeking out of the water, the deckhand tied a hunk of raw meat to the end of the line. It was time to ring the breakfast bell on the Adelaide River. Standing on the second level of a two-story riverboat, the deckhand raised the pole and slapped […]

Holiday in Cambodia

On the back side of Angkor Wat, our guide had us stop and sit in the shade atop a short stone wall. My sister and I had spent the morning following Tep Nat’s footsteps up and down a great many flights of stairs as he educated us about the eighth wonder of the world. He […]