Monthly Archives: February 2014

Taipei Getaway

The charmed life I lead as a full-time tourist has its drawbacks. Manila is a radical departure from Seattle and the strong social ties my wife and I built during the seven years we lived there. The process of forging new alliances with strangers in a foreign locale has taken a toll. So it was […]

The People of Mt. Pinatubo

Our first glimpse of the Aeta children came about 20 minutes into the journey up the rugged slopes of Mt. Pinatubo. We climbed out of the back of a four-wheel drive Jeep at the mouth of a canyon just after daybreak on a recent Sunday and watched as the kids walked toward us across the […]

Dusty Trail to Taal Volcano

The donkeys waited single file in the blazing midday sun at one end of a concrete lot at the trailhead to the Taal Volcano. Nearby, my wife and I applied healthy doses of sunblock and bug repellant, strapping on the surgical masks we’d purchased to combat trail dust. “I want the good one,” my wife […]